What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I named my little soap company Twig by Twig. The logo includes an image of a bird sitting on a little branch.   Now, almost a year later, I am seeing birds and branches everywhere.  This has happened to me many times; I start collecting something that appeals to me, then that particular item or theme is in every store and catalog.  Or I start thinking about a subject, and soon I am hearing and reading about it everywhere.

I would like to think that I am just ahead of the game or can predict the future!  In truth, I think this happens to most people.

Is this proof that we are all connected, really connected, in some way?  Not really proof, but I do believe we are.  This could seem kind of creepy or kind of wonderful depending on how you look at it.  I decided that I should start to look at it as kind of wonderful, since I do believe it is true.  Somewhere, we all share something.

In the book , The Genie in Your Genes, author Dawson Church Ph.D. quotes British mathematician and physicist Sir James Jean, who near the beginning of the twentieth century said: “When we view ourselves in space and time, our consciousnesses are obviously the separate individuals of a particle-picture, but when we pass beyond space and time, they may perhaps form ingredients of a single continuous stream of life.  As it is with light and electricity, so it may be with life:  the phenomena may be individuals carrying on separate existences in space and time, while in the deeper reality beyond space and time we may all be members of one body.”

Although I am fascinated by this, I have such a limited understanding of it at this time, that I can’t elaborate on it.  I can just apply it to my life in the best way I know how to do.

If I seek union, a connection, with God (as I do), this has to imply some kind of union with everyone else.  This isn’t just words.  There is some kind of reality underlying it.

On my best days, I can see God in everyone and my connection to everyone.  On my worst days, the conviction of this union at least keeps me from hating, or lashing out too hastily and harshly, or feeling extremely lonely and isolated.  Personally, I am much more inclined to hate myself than others, and knowing that God is in me and desires to live through me helps me to appreciate and love myself more.

Ernest Holmes wrote: “You can’t plunge into the waters of real life unless you take everyone else in with you.”  To me, this means that if I wish to have a meaningful, abundant, joyful life, I have to embrace my connection with everyone and love everyone.

Love doesn’t mean I like everyone or spend time with them or ignore dangerous, cruel behavior.  It means I include them in the circle, I see the potential in them, I don’t write them off, and I desire their highest good.

To put it another way, when I cut myself off, in my mind and heart, from another person or group of people, I am cutting myself off from God.  The intimacy, the guidance, and the power that could be mine are now out of reach because I have put up a wall.

If you are willing to have this wall come down, you have taken the first major step.  As I said,  we do not have to agree with everyone.  Unity does not mean uniformity.  We also don’t have to overlook critical issues that need to be addressed.  We just need to be willing to accept the idea that every person has intrinsic value.  If they saw, really saw, that value and lived from that place, they wouldn’t need to be cruel or hateful or controlling, etc. etc. etc.

Sometimes we can simply love a person back to wholeness by helping them to see reality a little more clearly.  Sometimes it is a much longer process, might involve serious consequences, and may not even happen in their lifetime.

We are only responsible for ourselves in regard to love.  We need only ask the question “What is love?”, wait patiently for the answer to appear in wonderful, sometimes unexpected ways, and be willing to live it out.  “Seeing” our invisible connection to God and to all people somehow makes that a little easier.


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