The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook

This wonderful, colorful book, with a forward by Garrison Keillor, highlights restaurants from the North Shore, Pine and Lake Country, Red River Valley, Minnesota River Valley, Bluff Country, and the Twin Cities Area.  Full of gorgeous pictures of food, people, and landscapes, it tells the stories of chefs and cooks who work hard to bring delicious, quality food to their patrons, and to use local, organic, seasonal food as much as possible.

Stories of farmers, food gatherers, and foodmakers are also included, and all of these stories are as inspiring as they are interesting.  When I was reading the book, I said to my husband more than once, “I can’t believe there are this many people in Minnesota who think like this!” (I guess I don’t get out and about much, but it is still amazing to me).  Lucky for us, they bring their philosophies to their work of raising animals and growing and preparing food.

Reading this book will do your heart good and make you want to eat in as many of these restaurants as possible and meet these wonderful  people.  There are also 100 recipes in the book – I can’t wait to try Cranberry Multi-Grain Bread and Prairie Bay Pizza Margherita and Butternut Basil Soup and many others.  I checked this book out of my local library, but I will definitely be purchasing a copy.


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