The Healing of America

Having recently read The Healing of America by Marianne Williamson, I am still thinking about some of the ideas she presented.  Although the book was written in l997, it is still current, perhaps more so than it was when she wrote it.

Rather than try to review that book, I am going to quote several sentences that had the most impact on me.  The following are principles that apply to social change, as well as to personal change.

“1. It is always our prerogative, as individuals and as nations, to choose again; to say no to a direction we’ve been moving in and yes to a new one. Our greatest capacity is our capacity to change our minds.

2. Alignment with higher principles is always supported by invisible forces.

3. If an energy is not in alignment with divine Truth, it is ultimately temporary.  It will not last forever, and is more vulnerable than it appears.

4. The universe is impersonally invested in evolving toward goodness, and uses any available conduit for the purpose of doing so.  Willingness to be so used activates the conduit.  You’re as good for the job as anyone else, and your past is totally irrelevant.

5. Don’t expect the old order to like you.

6. A life of love and effort on behalf of the collective good promises the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing what you were born to do.  You are not, however, promised specific results as you might define them.

7. Your happiness regarding the reality that’s coming is a more potent method of social conversion than is your anger regarding the reality now.”

One other paragraph stands out for me: “Leadership itself is changing, from a top-down, old-fashioned, Newtonian model of someone acting on a system from the outside to try to change it, to a new paradigm image of change from within.  The primarily responsibility of leadership in the era now upon us is to hold a space for the genius of others.  In the presence of someone who believes in us, we move more quickly into who we might become.  But the major work to be done is still up to each of us.”

My choice is to try to always align myself with higher principles (mainly love), and to try to believe the best about every person and every situation regardless of the present appearance.  There are a few situations in my life right now that require a daily commitment to these ideas, and it isn’t always easy.  I know it’s the only way to go though because I do believe that “love never fails”.

I also believe that the small personal victories are what make is possible to apply these principles on a larger scale.  And when you are coming from the right place on the inside, whether you are desiring harmony in a relationship,  writing a letter to a congressman, working for change somehow,  or even running for an office, you will be bringing something besides greed, anger, and arrogance to the process; you will be bringing God’s truth and a desire for the highest good.


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