Countdown to Clean

Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D. is a book by a New York City cardiologist that highlights a “revolutionary program to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself”.  While at the present time I don’t feel the need to heal anything in particular except an occasional headache, I support the idea of reducing and removing toxins and restoring the body to a more natural, cleaner state.

In addition to increased energy, I think this could result in clearer thinking and a more balanced life.  So. . . I am beginning a week of an elimination diet which will be followed by three weeks of gentle detox and clean eating.  I am writing this here with hope that the act of writing it down will help me to follow through.

While I already eat a fairly healthy diet, I do drink coffee, eat some white flour and white sugar products, and occasionally have red meat.  The hardest part may be planning ahead to have plenty of fresh greens on hand plus acceptable vegetables, fruits, and fish.

I will keep you posted on the difficulties as well as the benefits.  With the lettuce and spinach in the garden big enough to eat now, I am looking forward to fresh salads and juices, but getting rid of my daily cup of coffee may have to be a gradual thing.  Wish me luck!

Incidentally, everything the author learned came about because personal experiences led him to seek out answers; as a physician, he had never had a nutrition class!


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