It’s Not Easy Being Hungry

I know I don’t really know the meaning of the word “hunger”, but I have been having a few small pangs of it over the last few days.  I am eliminating a lot of foods for a few weeks, and even though that leaves a lot of foods, it is quite a bit  harder knowing what to eat when you can’t have wheat, dairy, meat, sugar, certain fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, soybean products, peanut butter, and many others.

The first day, I found a few M & M’s in a drawer and quickly ate them before I had time to think about it.  I also have been eating bread in the morning made with organic sprouted grains.   Other than that, I have been doing pretty well.

Lentils are an o.k. food, so maybe tomorrow I will make a batch of lentil vegetable soup – with that in the refrigerator, I won’t panic if I need a quick lunch this week.

When we stop to realize that much of what we eat can’t even qualify as food, it is astounding.  Most of these non-foods taste so good though, and that is too bad.  How can we expect kids to want to avoid them when adults who should know better can’t even keep from indulging?

I guess it has a lot to do with retraining our taste buds, and letting ourselves get a little hungry so we appreciate real food.  It is amazing how good fresh broccoli can taste when we haven’t eaten for quite a while.  Elimination diet or not, it is a healthy thing to think about what we are eating and then slow down and savor it. . .


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