It’s All Good

O.K., I know I complained a little bit about hunger pangs as I was embarking on my elimination diet (not a diet so much as a retraining of my taste buds), but I really have nothing but good to say about the first several days of a healthier way of eating.

After three days I noticed that my stomach looked and felt flatter – certainly a good thing!  Another positive change has been an increasing clarity in my thinking and a subtle increase in patience.  At first I was a little moody when I felt hungry and deprived, but hopefully that is going away.  Now I just find myself more present in my life and more content.

It seems odd that clearing out the toxic foods and bringing in more of the clean, healthy foods could make someone more patient and happy, but I don’t know what else to attribute it to.  I started to get upset when the large bag of raw almonds I bought recently ( a staple in my diet for several years now) was rancid because I have to drive at least 40 miles to get more, but I decided to just enjoy the pumpkin and sunflower seeds I also purchased and try some new things.

The lentil and brown rice soup I made this morning is absolutely out of this world!  With fresh onions, garlic, basil, thyme, oregano, and parsley flavoring it, I can’t say I have ever enjoyed anything more. (I don’t think I would say that  if my taste buds were dulled by a lot of processed foods or sugar)  And the time spent in my herb garden gathering the herbs made me so grateful for the small plot of land I am privileged to care for.

One thing I had forgotten is how difficult it is to make a change – whether it is our beliefs, our eating habits, or the way we treat other people, change can be hard! However, if it is a change that comes from within ( prompted by God), and if it is pursued with the right motives, it really is all good.


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