I have been waiting to write this post about the month of August – partly because it has been a very busy month, and partly because the weather has been so hot and humid that I couldn’t think of anything good to say about it.  Too hot to even go out into the garden except for a quick pick when I noticed a tomato ripening.

As I write this now on August 16, the skies are blue, temperatures are in the high seventies, and the humidity has returned to a comfortable level.  Even though most of the perennials have finished blooming, and the fall blooming perennials haven’t started to open yet, there is plenty of dazzling color from annuals like morning glories, zinnias, cosmos, cleome, marigolds, and petunias.

We are also starting to really reap the harvest of all our spring planting.  It’s time to make salsa, can tomatoes, freeze vegetables, dry herbs, and finally just give up on the weeding.  Nights are longer and cooler, kids (and moms) are starting to think about heading back to school, and fall fashions are appearing everywhere.

These last two weeks of August can be a delicious time of transition if we can savor the warm sun on our skin, the ripening harvest, and  our children’s voices and faces as we realize they will never be this age again and their days will soon be spent in the classroom instead of the backyard, the kitchen, and the swimming pool.  Count your blessings. . .


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