This October has been one of the most beautiful that I can remember.  Mild days, gorgeous leaves, the late freeze allowing the asters and all the mums to bloom in all their glory. Although this year did not bring the most prolific garden I have ever had, some vegetables did very well, and we were harvesting peppers and broccoli until the end of this month.

My daughter had oral surgery to remove three wisdom teeth this month, so we took care of her two-year-old daughter for two days while her husband and five-year-old son helped her to recover.

Olivia loves her baby dolls and cares for them very well.  She loved to get them rocking in their cradle. (They look a little uncomfortable though.)

We took her to the park to visit the goats, ducks, geese, chickens, prairie dogs, buffalo, and elk.  I think she enjoyed the ducks and geese the most.

One of the baby dolls got to enjoy the trip with us.

Ethan and I managed to get one hike in this month in one of our favorite spots.

We attempted a pumpkin painting party (probably never to be attempted again), threw the football around a lot, tried several wonderful pumpkin recipes, dug potatoes and carrots, and spent about three days staining a new fence.

Steve took in a couple of football games, we completed a bathroom renovation, I started a month long training for Peacekeeping Circles, my son and his girlfriend came home for a couple of days, I took my mom to several doctor’s appointments where we learned that her diabetes and kidney function are (thankfully) stable, and today I will drive to Marshall to see 6 grandchildren in their Halloween costumes.  Counting my blessings. . .


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