Frigid temperatures, not much sun, huge piles of snow, streets covered with slush that has frozen into bumpy, icy, ruts – I feel like I have to come up with a plan to make the rest of the winter bearable since I know I’m not going away to a warm, sunny place anytime soon.

I need to fill my life with some kind of beauty and also do something fun and productive to make the winter more enjoyable.  Paint the dark olive green living room walls a lighter, fresher color?  Have a tea party with fresh flowers and beautiful dishes?  Browse through the seed catalogs and plan my spring garden?  Have a sleep-over and sledding party with the grandchildren if we ever get a Saturday with mild temps?  Talk my daughters into going to a thrift store and each picking up an item that we can turn into something useful or attractive for our homes?  Make or find little gifts to send to people I love “just because”?  Plan a special Valentine dinner for my husband?  Get involved in a cause much bigger than myself?

As I write these, they all seem like great ideas, and I think I will do most or all of them, and even take pictures as I go along.  The long winter seems brighter already. Of course, I have to remember that even a long, cold January has a beauty of its own.


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