It’s My Life

Like I wrote about in my last post,  I have a lot of choices about what I do with the minutes, days, months, and years that make up my life.  Bringing more beauty, love, joy, and goodness into my life is very often a choice I make each moment of each day.

All the snow, cancellations, and difficulty getting around can get me down, and I have to decide what I’m going to do with those feelings.  Yesterday and today, as I spent an hour each day shoveling snow, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt being outdoors, moving my muscles, looking at the sky, smelling the neighbor’s wood burning, and listening to the birds.  Even the snow had a glistening beauty, and the sun wasn’t even shining!

This might sound a little ridiculous to someone who has to work outside all the time or travel a lot on slippery roads.  The point is, we decide how we are going to look at everything in our lives.  The more we can reach for a thought of appreciation or look for the beauty in the ordinary, the better our lives become, and the more positive influence we can have on others.

It really is MY life – I can’t depend on someone else to make it good or beautiful or worthwhile.  I do that everyday by my thoughts and actions.  I thank God for the power to choose. . .


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