These are photos of our living room after I switched over from a dark olive paint color to a light neutral, “fuzzy sheep”.  I enjoyed the dark green color for a couple of years, but this winter found me craving more light in the living room.  The light color is definitely not as dramatic, but bringing in more light made me feel a lot better.

When I look at these pictures, I prefer the green color, but I am happy with my choice because the room is brighter.  I like to paint and enjoy experimenting with color, but this room is not fun to paint so I want a color we can live with for a long time, even if we change everything else.

I had other ideas for making the remainder of the winter more pleasant, one of which was to have a tea party and get out some pretty, cheerful dishes.  I didn’t have a tea party, but I did have a good friend over for tea, used some of my favorite dishes, and had a pleasant afternoon.

My daughters and I did go to a thrift store to try to find some items or furniture we could make over for our homes, but none of us had any luck that day.  We had fun looking, and it is always good to spend time with them, so I still consider the day a success.  They are so good at decorating and trying new things – I love to see what they will come up with next.

I wanted to spend a day sledding with the grandchildren, but we haven’t done that yet either.  Ethan had surgery a week ago, and with both legs in casts, he won’t be going sledding any more this winter.  We did spend a mild day in the park together before his surgery, and I’m grateful for that.  Carly and Clay stayed with us while Ethan was in the hospital, and we were able to spend some time playing games, reading books, and going out to eat.  Cairo has his sixth birthday party at the YMCA this week-end, and we always look forward to parties!

My mom celebrated her 90th birthday this past week, and some of my siblings were able to come to help her celebrate.  I think she enjoyed it, even though it was a full day and probably wore her out!  The bakery in town did a great job of making a cake for her!

I was able to see and hold my new great-niece, Lucia – a real beauty already at the age of three and a half weeks! Here she is with her mother, Lisa.

I’ve been spending part of each day with Ethan, helping him with his schoolwork and just trying to provide a diversion for him during his time of recovery. His little brother, Chance, helps with that too.  So far, everything is going pretty well, and we are grateful for that!

Now it is March 4th, and even with a snowstorm in the forecast, there is a touch of spring in the air.  I have heard birds that I haven’t heard for a long time, and I even saw a flock of geese overhead yesterday.  My parsley is up and growing, and it will soon be time to plant peppers indoors.  Soon we will have forgotten how high the snowdrifts were and what bitter cold temperatures feel like and will be enjoying sunshine and green grass!


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