Things I’m thankful for today:

Organic potatoes, even if I have to drive 35 miles to get them.  Potatoes, celery, and strawberries are three things you should try to find that have been grown without pesticides. (I didn’t drive the 35 miles just to get the potatoes – combined shopping with a trip to the dentist!)

Fresh chives from my herb garden – the first thing from the garden in the spring that I can use in cooking.  Wonderful in twice-baked potatoes!

An hour long walk in the country and the fact that I have a walking path to walk on so I don’t have to walk on the road.

A day with enough free time to be with my granddaughter for a few hours!

My husband thinking of the idea to take my mother out for a drive since it is a beautiful day and she seldom gets out.  (Men – if you want to endear yourself to your wife, give some time, love, and attention to not only her but also to those people she loves, especially your children.  Do it with enthusiasm and it’s even better!)



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