Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The unexpected, the miraculous, the marvelous can sometimes be found right smack dab in the middle of ordinary moments and places.

Last fall as I was sitting by the computer in my den thinking about an unpleasant issue I was having with someone, I felt sad and disturbed.  Words, solutions, answers seemed to elude me.  Staring out the window, I happened to rest my gaze on neighbors digging potatoes in their fall garden.

Something about that simple, ordinary act and the repetitive motions and the golden sunshine of that day brought peace and comfort to me.  It was as if I could see God in their potato digging!

It didn’t solve my issue, but it made me realize that God was everywhere and in everything.  I just had to open my eyes.  That made it easier for me to see Him in the situation I was in and believe He cared and could speak to me and show me a way through it (and He did).

Another time a few years ago, when my husband was very sick and doctors couldn’t quite figure out why, my heart was heavy.  After he had gone to bed one night, I looked out the window at the moon.  I don’t think it was quite a full moon, but it was clear and bright, and it somehow “grounded” me.  I recall thinking about how that same moon had always been there and would always be there as long as there was life on earth.

It helped me realize how great God is, and yet how close, and I suddenly felt that we would be okay.  A certain peace came as I gazed at the moon, and I’ll never forget the comfort that came along with it.

Nature and the ordinary things of life are meant to bring peace and joy and healing if we have eyes to see them.  These two incidents were grace-filled moments.  I was seeking God, and I found Him in unexpected places – not through preaching or prayer, although, of course, He can speak to us those ways.  Maybe it was a form of prayer.

God captured my attention and spoke to me through His creation and the simple act of digging potatoes.  Both of these times I had slowed down enough to really see what was in front of me.  Who knows the mysteries, lessons, and answers God would love to show us if we would only pay attention!

The face of a child, the laugh of a friend, a single flower, an ant scurrying by to find food, a bare tree silhouetted against a blue winter sky, a bird building a nest – all extraordinary!


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