Take the Time

Nature points us to God.  It shows attributes of God, teaches us spiritual lessons, and brings us peace.  It’s a visible expression of the love of God.  It isn’t that we worship nature, it’s more about enjoyment and appreciation.

“Never does nature say one thing, and wisdom another.”  I love this quote by the Roman poet Juvenal.  We think we are wiser than nature sometimes and can dominate and destroy, but we are only hurting ourselves.  We have so much to learn, but that isn’t possible until we realize we don’t know it all.

Great artists, architects, poets, even jewelry designers receive a lot of their inspiration from nature.  I find the greatest insights, and answers come seemingly “out of the blue” when I am watching a waterfall, listening to the sound of the river, observing the new growth in the spring, or staring at the sky.

All that takes time though, and when children, jobs, house work, homework, and hundreds of other things are demanding our attention, it’s hard to make quiet time in nature a priority.  For one thing, it just doesn’t seem that important or essential.  If you make it a habit once a week or so, though, taking your kids with you when they are young, the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits will be with you for a lifetime.


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