The Kingdom of God is Within You

It seems like there are two ways to be influenced and guided in life: by our external environment and our five physical senses or by the spirit of God which lives in us.  Of course, sometimes it is important to follow our senses – like when we smell smoke or see a car heading quickly toward us or when we hear our baby crying. Our physical senses in many ways are a gift.

When it comes to how we live our lives, though, or making tough decisions, we can’t base it solely on the outside world.  The world might have shortages, but in the Kingdom of God there are no shortages.  The world might have political unrest and upheaval, but there is only peace in the Kingdom of God.

We need to use common sense, but we have to base our decisions on a deeper truth than the physical reality we see in front of us, on a truth that never changes.  The Kingdom of God is within us, and that is where we need to draw strength, inspiration, wisdom, and peace from.  It’s not a place we are going to someday, but a place available to us right now, a spring of living water that is supposed to flow through us out to our world.

I believe we are co-creators with God of the world we see around us.  God created it by speaking it into existence – now what we see in this world is determined by how much of God’s Spirit we allow to flow through us and bring peace and healing and beauty and love.  Darkness flees in the presence of light, and light is what we shine when we live our lives out of that deep place within and not just as a reaction to what we see around us.


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