Create: to cause to exist, to bring into being

What are you going to do today – spend more time creating or more time reacting?  It occurred to me today that often we are doing one of those two things – the two words even have the same letters in them – just move the “c” in reacting and you have the word creating.  So maybe it just takes a little shift in our thinking to move from reacting to creating.

Things happen each day that can cause us to respond – a co-worker says something, and we take offense, and it affects our entire day and the way we treat other people.  We hear a news report about the economy, and our mood shifts in a negative way.  We almost slice off the tip of our finger (as I did recently), and we mentally kick ourselves all day for being so careless (or find someone else to blame).

Or. . . a co-worker says something that has the potential to offend us.  We consider what they said, and if there is some truth to it, we make the necessary adjustments, adopt a more mature outlook, and make ourselves into a person with more integrity.  Or we consider that they may be having a bad day and don’t really mean what they said, and we let it go.

We either don’t listen to the news with its constant negative spin, or we reach down deep to a place of peace and recommit to being a person of financial integrity; a person who doesn’t live beyond their means, who is generous and giving with their resources, and who prays for leaders and politicians for wisdom.

We cut our finger, and, in the midst of throbbing pain, we slow down and decide to create peace, to be more aware of our thoughts and actions, and we thank God for a magnificent body that knows how to heal itself if given the right conditions – we create a healing atmosphere.

I suppose you could say that in each case we are both reacting and creating.  The difference probably lies in the awareness that we have a choice.  We can decide what kind of reaction we will have and what we will create.  We can bring into being a better life, a better world; we can shift the atmosphere around us.  We have all the tools we need to bring more light into this world, and we can do it many times each day and every day by our choices.


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