A Repurposed Life

Repurposing is trendy right now – taking something old, outdated, or ugly and with a little paint, fabric, imagination, or an eye for a new use, turning it into something you would barely recognize.  My daughters have taken dressers, tables, and other household items and made them look fantastic and totally new.

I started thinking about this whole concept of repurposing and how sometimes our lives need a fresh start.  A certain stage in our lives has ended or we’ve made a mess of things and need to feel that we have a use again.

God is the inventor of restoration and new beginnings.  As we trust Him with our lives, he makes all things new.  Our part is to believe it is possible (and have a willingness to let go of the past and sometimes to ask for forgiveness).  Just as we could walk by an old piece of furniture thinking it is worthless and missing out on the treasure it could become, we won’t discover our fresh, new purpose if we continue to look to the past.  Believe in repurposing! Believe that anything is possible!


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