A Lion or a Mouse?

Symbolism has taken on a new importance for me recently.  With certain things going on in my life, I’ve felt the need for strength and decided to form a picture in my mind of something I associated with strength.  A  lion came to mind, so I thought of all the adjectives that I think of when I think of a lion – strong, regal, beautiful, fast, powerful.

I never fully understood this before, but now I can see that when I envision a lion, I actually begin to feel strong and powerful.  Because I am often an advocate for my mother in a nursing home, I especially like the image of a lion with a lamb – strong, powerful, and protective.  The things we picture in our minds often enough and with enough conviction begin to take shape in our lives.

When I picture a mouse, I get a totally different  feeling than when I picture a lion. (Nothing against mice; they have their place – outdoors!)  The same is true when I picture a field of flowers vs. a junkyard.  Symbols can be powerful because they are a sure, quick way of evoking a response in us – mentally, physically, and emotionally, and eventually becoming a reality in our lives.  (When I say physically, I don’t mean we begin to look like what we visualize, but that physiologically, our bodies  respond to that symbol, and, in the example of a lion, our immune system and other systems become stronger.)

Would I rather be a lion or a mouse?  Slow, patient, and steady like the tortoise or impulsive and arrogant like the hare?  Do I need to “mount up with wings like an eagle”?    Keep your mind on what is good and true and lovely, and include a little symbolism to help you see yourself with the qualities you want in your life.  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7


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