The Tongue That Brings Healing is a Tree of Life

So often we toss out words as if everyone within earshot is a waste basket to receive our garbage.  I’m not talking about “venting” when we mull over a situation or problem with a friend with the intention of airing it out and possibly coming up with some insights.  I’m talking about complaining, criticizing, judging, bashing, or just spewing out negativity because it’s become a habit.

Why not think of our words as seeds which we plant in the hearts of those we connect with, with the strong possibility (depending on the hearer, of course) of producing life,and fruit, like encouragement, peace, comfort, strength, joy, and wisdom?

Even when we need to disagree or correct someone, with the right motive our words can still be “sweet to the soul and healing to the bones”. (Proverbs 16:24)

I have a little box where I keep notes that people have written to me that spoke directly to my heart.  Sometimes compliments, sometimes words of encouragement, sometimes words of wisdom,  each one was written by someone who I knew really “saw” me, saw my heart and spoke to it. I still bring these out and read them occasionally when I need encouragement.

After listening to some of the political banter these days or watching the news or listening to most radio talk shows, it’s obvious that we need a radical transformation in the way we talk to and about each other. Pay attention to the way words make you “feel” and maybe decide to change the atmosphere around you with the words you use. Words carry energy and, like food, can either drain us or bring us energy depending on our choices.


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