A Million Recipes

Well, maybe not a million, but a lot.  I inherited my mom’s recipe box when she went into a nursing home.  She was a wonderful cook and baker, but I don’t cook much like her.  She was always into taste and presentation and everyone loved her cooking.  I want food to taste and look good too, but I don’t cook a lot of meat or traditional dishes, and I try to save desserts for special occasions.

Looking through her recipes today, I had the thought of trying to work my way through the recipes making all of them that are in her handwriting (maybe with the exception of sausage balls and oyster stew).  Kind of like Julie and Julia meet down-home cooking. I do enjoy cooking and baking, so I am looking forward to trying this. Friends, neighbors, and family, you might be getting some samples!

Potato soup and Smoky Salmon Spread sound good, and I’ll always remember her Pineapple Graham Cracker Dessert and Iced Oatmeal Cookies.  Maybe I’ll post some pictures and recipes of those I consider most successful.  It’ll be fun, and I’m sure it will make her happy!


One thought on “A Million Recipes

  1. You can always bring samples to the “overnight” gal on Thursdays! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have plenty of people to share with – sounds like a great idea, food not only brings comfort but alot of wonderful memories of years gone by…..enjoy your new adventure and i’m sure you’ll rekindle a few more of your favorites that you once forgot..looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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