Things I Love in January

I love hiking in the winter – no bugs, crisp, fresh air, a chance to see things you might not notice in any other season – and I am so blessed to have a grandson who loves it as much as or more than I do.  After he went through a major orthopedic surgery last February, it means even more to me to be outdoors hiking with him!

My husband gave me a Vera Bradley bag for Christmas – we had never discussed this, and he had no idea if I would really like or not, but he took a chance, and I love it!  The print is so pretty, and I love the size of the bag!

My family knows I love herbs and spices, and Penzey’s is one of my favorite places to go.  My son’s gift to me included this lovely box from Penzey’s complete with cocoa, cinnamon, hot chocolate mix, and cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg, and bay leaves tossed in for a special treat!

I love soup – I love making it and eating it – all kinds of soup.  Soup and bread or a sandwich would probably be my favorite winter meal.  My daughter gave me these delightful dishes just made for soup and a sandwich!

Here is another one of my favorite things right now – given to me by my daughter – and something I will use in all sorts of ways in all seasons.  It could be used to display a favorite momento or a beautiful cupcake or cookies or other foods.  Notice the words on the cute little spreader that came along with it.  I love this!

Other things I love in January:

White sales – I’m a nester & I love sheets, towels, blankets, and the cozy things that make a house a home.

The sense of calm that comes after a busy holiday season.

The feeling of having a clean slate and a fresh start.  I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I want to simplify and concentrate on the things that are really important to me – to get rid of clutter physically and mentally.

Every month has its beauty, and I think we need to find what makes life special and enjoyable for us and do more things just for sheer pleasure.  Happy New Year!


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