Home Sweet Home

The term “homemaker” in the dictionary refers to: “One who manages a household, especially as one’s  main daily activity”.  I understand that definition, but I’d like to expand it a little to include anyone who resides in a home: single person, husband, wife, children, grandparents, friends, etc.  Everyone brings something into the making of a home  whether by their creative, artistic pursuits or their fun-loving nature or their penchant for neatness. We all contribute to the atmosphere of a home.

We have a wonderful opportunity every day to turn a building with rooms into a home by encouraging and initiating  interesting discussions and bringing new ideas into the mix, by providing a safe place for lively debates, by creating calm and peace when it’s needed to make the home a sanctuary, by taking time as often as possible to cook colorful, interesting, nourishing meals that nourish the soul as well, and by modeling loving and respectful ways of interacting.

Home is the perfect place to learn to live in peace with those who are different from us yet at the heart level very similar. It can be a place where we learn to share, put others first sometimes, come to a consensus, and forgive often. It’s a place where we can learn that orderly surroundings contribute to a calm, orderly mind and where we are able to experiment with color and design and discover our own style.

I actually like the word “homemaker”, and my hope is that we all come to see our valuable role in the making of a home.  It seems like a stretch, but maybe “peace on earth” can come  from learning to create “peace at home.”


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