The World is Waiting for You

Have you ever, like me, felt just so different from the rest of the world, like you didn’t fit in anywhere?  Have you felt something stirring inside you that you knew didn’t come from you but from something much bigger than you?  Have you ever felt like if you didn’t give expression to that “something” that you might burst (or wither away)?

I’ve felt that way from time to time since I was very young and didn’t realize that many people feel the same thing.  I’ve felt the presence of God ever since I can remember but didn’t realize that that stirring within me was God, the creator and life giver, trying to express something unique through me.

The things I felt passionate about, the things that brought me pleasure and gave me energy were signals showing me what the world needed from me.  It’s the same with you.  Other people might have an inkling of what your passions and gifts are, but only you can know for sure what makes you come alive.  Only you can express that in your own unique way.

Some people are great mathematicians or engineers, comfortable and thriving in the world of measurement.  Others are artists, dreamers, visionaries who, with their God-given visions, can help to birth a new reality which we so desperately need.  Others are a combination who can move back and forth easily from the unseen to the material world bringing a vision to the pragmatic people who know how to get things done.

We need all these kind of people as well as those who just know how to bring beauty and pleasure into the world with a gourmet meal or a beautiful garden.  What we don’t need are people who try to be like someone else because they think that is the thing to do or people who try to force others into a mold to control them or so that they themselves feel more comfortable.

I love this quote from Frederick Buechner; “You are called to the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”.  What makes you feel alive, what brings you deep satisfaction and joy?  Use that in service to the world and know that joy and purpose are your birthright and that God takes great delight in the unique expression of the gifts within you.


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