Sweet Dreams

My husband often remembers his dreams, and they seem to be full of detail, twists and turns, and interesting combinations of people.  He relates them to me sometimes, and I, of course, try to figure out what they mean.  Often there is a good lesson in them, for me as well as him.  He was telling me a couple of his dreams one morning this past week and remembered so many details of each one.  I was a little envious because I so seldom remember dreams.

Then I woke up this morning remembering so clearly a dream I had last night.  My mother, who passed away almost two weeks ago, came into my house with a friend, sat and had a conversation with me, and then got up to say good-bye.  As she started to leave, I realized that she was walking so well and was so light on her feet.  For the last several years of her life, she had used a walker, and for the past year she was pretty much confined to a wheelchair.  In my dream I realized that she was saying her final good-bye to me, but rather than making me feel sad, I felt so happy to see her so free and light.  I waved and said good-bye over and over until she disappeared from sight.

I’m certainly not a dream expert, but I believe that sometimes dreams can give us comfort, strength, and direction.  They can give us insight and a new way of looking at things.  I’m so grateful for the way I saw my mom in my dream because that is the way I will choose to remember her – not necessarily younger, but so happy and carefree.  I really believe the dream was God’s gift to me, and it helps me to remember, as I said in a previous post about my mother, that pain is not the final word.


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