Celebrate Life

In the last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve witnbessed a death and a birth – I was able to be with my mother as she breathed her final breath on this earth and be with my daughter and her husband as they welcomed their new daughter into this world.  Both pretty amazing events really, and they’ve reminded me of some important things.

When you get right down to it, life is short.  My mother lived to be 91, but I’m sure she would say that her life passed by quickly.  We need to spend much less time worrying and being upset and more time enjoying the small, beautiful moments each day, the people in our lives, and things like the blue sky, the sunshine, the birds, and the breeze. We need to complain less and celebrate more.

We might be wise to live with the end in mind – not in a morbid or fearful way – but staying conscious of the fact that we will all die someday.  This helps us live with purpose and hopefully without regrets.

Each person comes into this world with a divine mission, I believe, and the more we can encourage children to follow the leading of their hearts, the more likely they will find joy and fulfillment in life.  We must guide children and model kindness, hard work, self control, and good habits, but often we just need to step out of the way and let their lives unfold (something I wish I had been better at).  What a privilege to be a parent!

We need to remember that life is a gift – doesn’t always feel that way, especially when we hate our jobs, are fighting with our families, don’t feel well, or can’t pay our bills – but I really believe that joy, peace, harmony, and abundance are not just for a few, but are meant for all people.  If all we’ve ever known is lack, drama, confusion, and pain, it’s hard for us to identify with the good things in life, but until we can identify with something, we can’t experience it in our lives.  Believe that the good things are for you as much as they are for anyone else and then begin to act like you have them.  Treat people the way you want to be treated.  Create joy for someone else.  Give away what you can, even if it’s just a smile, a cookie, or a parking place you wanted when you see someone else wants it too.  Be a peacemaker.  Give thanks.  Celebrate life!!


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