Remembering Sara

I lost a dear friend this week (& heaven gained a beautiful lady) – she encouraged me, challenged me, and inspired me. I hope I did the same for her.  We shared lots of laughter, a few tears, good food, and good books.  No one could ever take her place.

Some of the lessons I learned from Sara:

Put yourself out there and risk being vulnerable.

Serve others.  I’ll never forget my mother-in-law’s memorial service where Sara, who had never met my mother-in-law, rolled up her sleeves and helped in the kitchen.  The weather was not good that February day, and Sara drove 20 miles to come to the service. I also remember that when I was the leader of a group that brought meals to sick people and new moms, Sara never refused when I called to see if she was able to help with a meal.

Keep going even when your heart is breaking and things are tough.  Do the things that help you heal and carry on, whether it’s taking a trip to a beautiful place or getting a massage.  Reach out to others even in your pain.

Have friends from all walks of life and with strikingly different personalities.  Sara embraced so many different people and nourished her friendships.

Love God with all your heart and soul, love people, and strive to live a life of integrity.

Keep growing, read, stay interested in life, laugh at yourself, celebrate.

I’m sure there are more things I learned from Sara that I will remember as I think about her in the days to come.  We didn’t always agree on everything, but I believe we always respected one another.  I loved her, and I cherished our friendship.


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