The Christmas Hat

Children’s books make me happy. I’ve read a lot of books to a lot of kids over the years, and I can tell when a child can’t wait to see and hear what is on the next page and if they’re going to say “read it again” when the last page is read.

I was helping my grandson clean his room last week-end, and we came across this book “The Christmas Hat”.  (written by A.J. Wood and illustrated by Maggie Kneen) The cover of the book was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but look inside.  The inside pages were equally as beautiful and each page had lots of texture on the illustrations which only enhanced the magic of this lovely book.  I boldly asked my grandson if I could have the book – he’s 11 now, so I didn’t think he would mind.  He’s also used to me by now, so this request didn’t take him too much by surprise, and he told me I could take it home.

I put the book aside when I got home and didn’t think of it until Thanksgiving Day when I asked my four-year-old granddaughter if she would like me to read some books to her.  We sat down with her eight-year-old and three-year-old cousins and read “The Christmas Hat”.

The story is interesting with just the right amount of suspense for little ones, the illustrations are gorgeous, and all three of the kids couldn’t resist rubbing their fingers across the textures on each page.  The book is just the right length, and, of course, it has a happy ending!

A book doesn’t have to have these delightful, whimsical illustrations to be a good children’s book, but it has to have a story that draws you in, and even though there might be little scary moments in the book, in my opinion a book for small children should make them feel happy and secure in the end.  This book does that, and I feel like I received a gift when my grandson gave me this book!


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