The Impossible Dream

Do you have a dream or desire that’s burning in your heart and you think about it almost every day?  A dream that  brings more life or love into the world?  A dream for your family, a business, a book, a blog, a painting, a life-changing trip, a social justice cause, a home of your own?  Is it a dream that seems beyond your reach if you look at your current circumstances?  Is it a dream that people have told you is impossible so many times that you believe them?  Does it seem unrealistic considering our present economic climate?  Is it a dream that you don’t think you deserve?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes,  then you know you’re on the right track because anything that seems easy and doable is not really a dream.  If it’s something we can just go out and do and doesn’t require stretching of our imaginations and abilities and a lot of faith, to me it doesn’t qualify as a dream.

A dream requires us and God – a seed planted in our hearts, acceptance of the seed, a lot of hard work and maybe some setbacks, and much going on behind the scenes that we don’t have anything to do with.  It requires patience, determination, persistence, ability to move forward without encouragement, and trust that we’re on the right path.  It certainly helps to have support from other people, but there may be times when we don’t, and we have to keep moving anyway.  It’s good to get wise advice, but we have to learn when that advice is appropriate for us and when, even though well-meaning, it doesn’t fit our situation.  These aren’t easy things, and maybe that’s why it’s good to have some success with smaller dreams first and also why it’s important to hear of other people’s realization of their “impossible” dreams.  Research also shows the benefits of visualizing your dream as already being a reality and making it as real as possible by imagining sights, sounds, scents, and the feeling of success.

If you have a persistent dream and it only gets stronger as time goes on, you can be sure that it is possible.  I don’t believe that God puts anything into our hearts that isn’t capable of being reproduced in our lives.  Before we can see a big dream being realized on the outside, we may need to get bigger on the inside.  Surround yourself with greatness and beauty, spend time in nature, hang around people of integrity who have big dreams, watch little or no TV,  take care of your health, and keep believing that “with God all things are possible”.


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