Life is a Gift

Do we ever outgrow our love for giving and receiving gifts?  I don’t think so, but maybe our ideas about what makes a perfect gift may change.  Kids may love something that gives them instant gratification and older kids probably want something that is cool, something everyone else has, or something no one else has but everyone wants.  As adults, we often think of the love and thought behind the gift, the care someone took to make the gift personal – something they knew we really wanted or would love. I know that in the later years of her life my mother almost liked the cards she received more than the actual gifts – the words of love in the cards meant so much to her.  She read each one carefully, and you could tell when the words tugged at her heartstrings and actually felt like a gift.

This Christmas I again received some lovely, meaningful gifts.


I’ve been enjoying drinking tea in my new cup which has drawings on the other side from two of my grandchildren. I also received a box of organic green tea, and it’s just perfect on these cold winter days.



I received an actual book with photos of our family taken over the past two years.


My son took a lot of photos, and each page has a theme.  The above page says “Let’s Dance” and is adorable.


This is the back cover.  Priceless!


This is a big jar full of unique, quality personal care products including body butter, lip butter, whipped argan oil hand cream, Philosophy eternal grace spray fragrance, and exfoliating face wash plus some really cute chevron patterned socks.  I’m having so much fun with this, and I think my daughter had fun putting it together – she is so good at things like that!


My other daughter knows how much I love the Ortha-heel sandals I wear in the summer.  They are so comfortable, and the heel pain I used to have occasionally has disappeared.  These slippers are made by the same company, and they are the kind of slippers you find yourself walking out of the house wearing because they’re so warm and cozy that you don’t want to take them off.  That’s okay though because of the type of soles they have.  Love them!


My husband gave me a digital picture frame, and we’ve been enjoying looking at pictures we had almost forgotten we had taken.  It’s great to look at pictures of the garden when the snow is currently piled up outside!

I love giving and receiving gifts, but to me the best gift this Christmas season was spending time together.  My son was home from New York, and it was so great to have him around.  I’m already looking forward to the next holiday!


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