Love Makes the World Go Round

il_570xN.427153436_ix93It seems I just can’t get away from the “L” word for too long – it’s been said that love makes the world go round, and while I think they were talking about romantic love, when we talk about a deeper all-inclusive love, that statement has a lot of truth.

Love doesn’t just mean “you are special to me”.  I think it means something more like “you are totally accepted as a child of God, a brother or sister, and I desire your highest good”.  What we are accepting is the value of that person, our common humanity, the fact we can’t escape from that we are in the same family, connected.  What if this person has done horrible things?  What if they have hurt us?  How can we love them?  We can state the facts and how they have affected us, we can feel the pain, we can allow that person to face the consequences of their actions, and still see their inherent value and desire their highest good.

The sooner the world understands this, the better it will be for humanity and the sooner we can move forward.  It’s not just a silly idea some people promote because they want to avoid the tough issues and pretend everything is o.k.  It’s the starting point for a whole new way of relating and being in the world.  Until we “get it”, we are stuck.  If we are truly one family, all connected, what one person does affects everyone else.  If we could see with sight beyond our physical eyes, into the world of spirit, the world of energy in motion, I believe we would live much different lives.  We could never wish harm or ill will on anyone.  We would see the value of pulling our brother up because we’d be pulling ourselves and everyone else up at the same time.

I recently listened to a molecular biologist talk about the fact that our cells will always move toward a positive signal, and when they do this, they are in a state of growth.  Conversely, they will always move away from something negative and toxic and be in a state of protection.  They can’t do both at the same time.  The number one positive signal our cells can receive, even above nutrition, is the signal of love.  Yes, when we receive love (and when we think love and give love), our cells respond to that signal and health is produced in our bodies.  That is why babies in orphanages who are fed and changed but not held and nurtured fail to thrive and sometimes even die.

Humanity is really like one body, and we are the individual cells.  When we don’t love others and even ourselves, we live in fear, feel the need for protection, and shut off our growth mechanisms.  Even though there are many things going on in our world that could cause us to fear and live in a protective mode, we still have the choice of whether to live in love or fear.  The two can’t co-exist.  When I renew my mind to believe that I am totally, unconditionally loved by God (and if the word God bothers you because of words and actions by people in your past in the name of God, call it Divine Intelligence or Source – the word itself is not that important.  Some people use the term Heavenly Father but some people associate the word Father with fear and shame so that doesn’t work for them. The point in my opinion is to feel loved and cared for by a power greater than ourselves)  and when I choose to love others – desire their highest good and do what I can to bring that about – not only are the cells of my body in a positive state of growth and health, but the cells of the body of humanity (the body of Christ) are being helped in that direction.  And surely there must come a tipping point where the power of love exceeds the power of fear and we grow instead of simply trying to survive and protect ourselves by moving away from the toxic state of fear.

The choices we make every day, every minute, matter.  Once we have made a commitment to live a life of love, those choices become easier.  Ripping someone off or trying to get ahead at the expense of other people won’t be a choice we make because we understand that it’s not only hurting the other person, it is hurting us too.  Lying about someone to make ourselves look better doesn’t come naturally anymore.  Judging someone else by their background or race or previous actions all of a sudden doesn’t feel right.  Even when other people’s words and actions are obviously not coming from a place of love,  we don’t hold it against them even if we do have to confront them.  When we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are loved, and when we commit to being a person of love, we change. And I believe that is how the world will change.  “Love Never Fails”.


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