Twig by Twig

may 011I am a nester – I love to create a home that’s peaceful, inspiring, beautiful, and a refuge.  I remember many years ago when I worked two jobs and was raising three young children.  Home was just a place to move through on the way to somewhere else.  I can live like that for a short time, but if it lasts too long, I become uneasy and frustrated.  Maybe it works for some people, but I need time to cut up vegetables and make a healthy soup or arrange flowers or read or experiment with making soap or combining essential oils to come up with just the right scent.  I need time to reflect and think.

I recently realized that, in some ways, this blog is like another home.  Many people who read it I will never meet; I don’t know who reads it unless they comment, but I know that some of them live across the world.  I want it to be a place of peace and inspiration – I want the photos to uplift people and the words to encourage and enlighten.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to write and share my thoughts.  Thanks for reading!  And please don’t ever hesitate to comment or question or disagree. I love learning from other people!


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