Lessons From a Stray Cat

tumblr_m4vcnoo7Qi1r01fmdo1_500Do you ever have trouble trusting that your needs will be taken care of or that your life is unfolding as it should?  I think we all do at times; we all experience a little anxiety (or a lot) from time to time.  Sometimes we just need a reminder that God sees our life from beginning to end, and that everything we need is right there if we will only believe.  Nothing we need is withheld from us.  Scientists are now saying that just the act of looking and expecting that something is there puts that something there.  “Seek and you will find”.

I had a reminder today that even meeting the needs of animals can be wonderfully orchestrated and that paying attention will make us aware of just how often things fall into place.  As my grandson and I were walking home from a nearby park last night, a small young cat suddenly darted out into the street by us and followed us home.  He/she was a little skinny and meowed constantly like he/she was trying to tell us something.  We have birdfeeders around our house, and my husband gets a little panicky about cats because we have seen cats kill some of the birds feeding at our house.  (We didn’t actually see the act, but we have seen cats patrolling and then seen a pile of feathers a short time later.)  He gave the cat some water and called the animal shelter which was closed for the night.  The cat disappeared, and we kind of forgot about it.

This afternoon just as I was going out the door for a meeting, the animal shelter returned our call. I told them I hadn’t seen the cat again, but, because it was so very hot today, I would drive around the blocks by our house and look for it.  I didn’t see the cat anywhere, but just on a whim stopped the girl who was delivering mail and asked her if she had seen an orange cat.  She hadn’t, but she said she would keep her eyes open for it.

I think within a matter of minutes after I drove away, the orange cat darted into the street again where the mail carrier was walking.  Because I had talked to her about it, she called my husband who was working but was able to drive over immediately and pick up the cat to take him/her to the animal shelter.  He pulled up just as the staff there was getting ready to drive away.  All this perfect timing just seems so incredible to me.  The kind woman from the shelter took the kitten, told my husband that it looked like he/she was dehydrated, and that there would be veterinary students coming to the shelter tomorrow and they would look it over.

I’m hoping that the cat gets the care it needs and becomes strong and healthy.  I’m hoping some people will fall in love with the pretty orange cat and bring it home to make it part of their family.  And I’m hoping that I’ll remember that sometimes just in the nick of time the answer/solution/money/advice/job comes. Only believe.


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