Day 3 Heavenly Days

I love the Farmer’s Market – I just love being around people who grow food and the people who like to go to the Farmer’s Market.  I went there yesterday in search of the honey man, but he wasn’t there.  I hope he’ll be back.  I grow most of my own vegetables so don’t often need to purchase any, but I wanted to make some fresh salsa this week-end, and my jalapeno peppers aren’t quite ready yet.  I found some perfect peppers at the Cub Scout stand, and I discovered that the Cub Scouts plan, plant, and care for a huge garden and then sell their vegetables to raise money for their camps, projects, etc.  I love the idea of kids learning how to grow things, so I will definitely plan to visit their stand again.

As I was leaving, I noticed some beautiful flower bouquets in jars.  The elderly man who runs that stand is there every year with his vegetables and is fun to visit with.  He is a retired pastor and grows everything organically, and I think he has taught organic gardening in the past.  These bouquets caught my eye because they were made up of red and yellow flowers – so striking!  I usually lean toward pink, purple, and white flowers, but my kitchen is red and yellow , so I decided to buy a bouquet for our kitchen table. Didn’t he do a wonderful job of arranging them!


This morning I’m just enjoying these flowers which look like they were picked for me and my kitchen.  I set them on a little patchwork quilt that I use for a table runner.  It belonged to my friend Sara who passed away a year ago tomorrow.  She loved simple flowers and bouquets –  like daisies in a Mason jar – so I know she would love to see these flowers on her little quilt. Today I’m going to think about the happy memories of my times with Sara and the blessings that come into our lives on ordinary days when we’re not even expecting them.


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