Day 4 Heavenly Days

002      Here’s my photo for the day – my husband’s heating pad lying on the floor next to the computer chair.  What makes this ordinary photo of an ordinary object not so ordinary for me is that for a couple of months I would come home from work and find the heating pad in the computer chair.  It was pretty much always there.  He hurt his back in June lifting something he should not have been lifting – at least not by himself.

When we went to the lake at the end of June for a few days, he had to lie down in the back seat to make the trip.  Lots of discouraging, painful weeks followed with visits to chiropractors, doctors, and a physical therapist.

A couple of days ago, he told  me that almost an entire day would now go by and he wouldn’t even notice his back.  So. . . I am thankful and glad to see the heating pad on the floor!  It still might be a good idea to apply heat in the morning before he goes to work – he is not the kind of person to ease gradually into his day so he could use a little extra warm-up.  We are ending the summer definitely counting our blessings.


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