Day 5 Heavenly Days (or not so much)

Did you ever allow a person or situation to make you extremely frustrated, but it seemed like there was nothing you could do about it?  We have had a situation with a neighbor for several years that sometimes seemed like it would drive us crazy.  Without going into details, I’ll just say that we’ve tried a few avenues to improve the situation and usually found there was nothing that could be done.

This situation has affected the value of our home, but, because there is so much more to it than just a messy yard and a house that needs major work, it has affected our peace of mind as well.  I decided a long time ago that since we are told that nothing can be done at this point, any changes made now are going to have to be made in me.

This person obviously has no peace of mind himself and must struggle daily, and I do have compassion for him.  Actually that compassion has come in spurts in the past, followed sometimes by anger and frustration.  I am going to start to imagine a different scenario next door.  I want only good for this person, so the picture in my mind has to include him in a good place.  I also pray for him and try to keep my thoughts positive and send him love.  I know that I can allow this situation to make me bitter or make me better, and sometimes it’s a daily choice.

When I stop to consider the difficulties some people face, this whole thing can seem pretty small.  However, it’s something we deal with every day, and so it’s something we need to get a handle on.  I consider everything in my life a learning experience or as something that can bring about a needed change in me, so that’s how I am choosing to look at this.  And today when I came home from work and looked in my neighbor’s yard,  I discovered that flowers sometimes grow in the most unlikely places!



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