Day 6 Heavenly Days


I walk by this container full of brightly-colored petunias every day, but it wasn’t until I stopped to really look at them that I noticed the beautiful veining in this particular petunia.  So delicate, so amazing. . .  Poets and philosophers for thousands of years have been telling us to slow down, smell the roses, stand and stare – and most of those writings are from times that moved much slower than our present day.  What else do we move right by every day while barely noticing – what co-worker, child, neighbor, lovely scene?  What food do we scarcely taste because we’re in a hurry?  I’m at a stage in my life where I have more time to stop and appreciate things, but everyone has the few extra minutes each day to notice what’s around them, stop and let your senses and soul take it in, and give thanks. Take a closer look. . .


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