Day 9 Heavenly Days


The number on the bottom is the outdoor temperature this morning.  Time to open a few windows – at least for an hour or so until the temperature rises again.  Temps are expected to be in the 90’s again today, but tomorrow should see a drop by at least 10 degrees.  The middle number is the indoor temperature, and it makes me think my husband must have changed the thermostat again.  We have a constant silent battle on hot, humid days with the thermostat control.  I don’t do well with heat and especially humidity – it’s like my brain swells and I become a different person!  He, on the other hand, often doesn’t even know if the humidity is high.  I can step outside and tell immediately if the humidity is even slightly high – my hair changes, my skin changes, I feel fat, and I lose all ambition to do anything worthwhile.  As soon as the humidity drops it’s like I get a new lease on life!

It’s the last day of August, so it just seems fitting that we’d close the month out with heat and humidity.  Tomorrow is September – a favorite month of both my husband and myself – and we’ll begin to have slightly cooler temperatures.  I walked around the yard and garden this morning, and it’s looking rather tough.  We haven’t had rain to speak of for over a month and had very little in July.  Weeds have almost taken over the garden as they usually do by late August.  Once the harvest starts coming and the days get super hot, I pretty much give up on weeding.


I never realized how determined morning glories are.  I have some climbing a trellis near the garden, and all of a sudden this year I have lovely blue morning glories climbing the deer fence I have all around the garden.  The seeds somehow found their way across a little patch of lawn and have spread all over.


At this point, I’m not going to try to pull them out.  They may eventually weigh on the deer fence and drag it down, but by that time I’ll hopefully have most of the harvest removed and the deer can help themselves to the rest.


The one thing that does look really good is the herb garden.  It seems that most herbs are pretty good at adapting to the weather conditions.  Here is the mint, contained (so far) by the cement tiles my husband and I buried in the ground.


We’ve used tons of basil, and I will be sorry to see it go when the first frost comes.


My favorite cosmos – I love white flowers!


Cleome – spider flower – deer won’t touch it!

I have noticed slight changes in the color of the leaves and know that suddenly fall will be here in all its glory.  Reminds me of these words from Ecclesiastes:

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven;

A time to be born, and a time to die;

A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.

Maybe it isn’t just vegetables, fruits, and flowers that we should pluck up, but also old ideas, outdated ways of being that no longer serve their purpose.  Maybe at the end of a season, it’s time to evaluate what we think and why we think it and what we do and why we do it.  “I’ve just always been that way” or “this is the way my family does it”  or “this is the way people in my country think”  isn’t the way to grow and advance and become better people and have a better world.  Maybe we could become like those morning glories spreading in my garden – taking higher, nobler, thoughts and spreading beauty among the weeds. . .


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