Day 12

It’s hard to write a post today about the grace found in our ordinary days.  My thoughts are with a family I know who is struggling with the pain of possibly losing a son.  He was shot over the week-end, and, although I don’t know all the details, I know he has had surgery and it is very serious.  Pain is often a part of our ordinary days, but this family has in the past endured more than most of us ever will.

Is there meaning in suffering and pain?  I believe that sometimes there is, and that people often look back and say the painful, hard times were the best thing that ever happened to them.  This incident seems different though.  This family has already lost one son, and the thought of losing another is probably more than they can bear.  So what do we do at times like this?  If we’re people who are outside of the circle of family and close friends,  we certainly pray.  We link our hearts with their hearts and just hold them up to God and pray for miracles.  We find out if there is anything we can do in the way of practical help, and we continue to pray.

If we are that family or very close to that family, we hold onto each other.  We cry, we pray, we scream, we pray, we talk, we cry, we pray, and finally maybe we are able to quiet ourselves, and we wait.  And at some point, that grace, that love that is always there breaks through our pain, anger, and confusion, and, if our hearts will receive it, gives us peace.  We still may not have understanding, and we’ll still have a lot to deal with down the road, but when we need it the most, peace will come. And if that grace can be there at our darkest time, we can know that it will be there down the road when we have to work through all the tough questions and anger and pain.  In some ways, it’s like finding grace in the days when things are going well – we have to be open to it and looking for it and recognize it when it comes.

My thoughts and prayers are with this family.  I don’t have any idea what that kind of pain feels like.  I do know from talking with people who have suffered great pain and loss and from reading about others, that grace, peace, and comfort are there for us, and that the passing of time give us a new perspective on our pain.  Right now, I’m just praying for the miracle they need today. 


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