Day 15 Heavenly Days

008This week I will attend one visitation and one graveside service.  It’s a heavy week in a lot of ways, but I think it’s important to support people even if you don’t know them really well.  It’s a week of reminders  that one day all our lives will come to an end here on earth.

So. . . I’m  thinking I should:

Write a bucket list.  I know a lot of people do that – make a list of the major things they would like to do before they die.  I’ll be thinking on that.

Start making all those little ideas that go through my head a reality. Invite those people over for dinner. Have those friends over for coffee.  Have a fall picnic in the park with my husband.  Have that girl’s spa night and fairy tea party with my daughters and granddaughters.  Write that letter.  Go to that workshop.  I have to make a list or all my ideas have a way of getting drowned out by busyness and obligations.

Stop trying to control situations and people.  I’m not too bad in this area, but I’d like to get even more relaxed and allow things and people to be as they are.  Life is going to go on without me when I am gone, and I don’t want to try to manipulate and control things now.  I’ll give advice when I’m asked and make plans when I need to, but I will try to “go with the flow”. I will try to be more of an influence by my life than by my words.

Remember to listen to my intuition and trust that I’ll be directed in the right way.  I don’t need society to tell me how I should look, what I should eat, what I should wear, what kind of car I should drive, where I should go on vacation, what I should expect to go wrong with me as I age, or what I need to be happy. I can seek counsel from people I trust at times, but I really have all the answers I need – I just need to listen to that inner voice.

Stop paying attention to the ridiculous notion that I am inferior to, less than, or not enough.  I need to remember that I am not less than or greater than anyone else.  As long as I am going about the business of being myself, with integrity, I don’t need to play the comparison game.

Love God with all my heart, soul, and mind, and love my neighbor as myself.

Really celebrate each day.  Make morning tea time and mealtimes a blessed ritual by giving thanks, using beautiful dishes, and eating quality food.  Look more people in the eye when talking to them, practice gratitude for the people in my life and those who cross my path, do something I enjoy every day, show more affection, smile more.

Be more aware that these really are the days of our lives.  Days of heat and humidity, days of tiredness and frustration, days when it seems like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it, 70 degree days with the trees showing a blaze of color, vacation days, blizzard days, days of grief and sadness, feast days and party days, quiet days and lonely days, putting up the Christmas tree days, spring days when the tulips are up and the world never seemed more beautiful – we need to be open to each day and realize that grace and love are woven through them all.  “Normal day – let me be aware of the treasure that you are.”


2 thoughts on “Day 15 Heavenly Days

  1. Linda, You are such a gifted writer! Thank you for putting into words what I need reminding of! Thank you for going with last night. It is always nice to be with you—even during unpleasant circumstances. Make this a great day! Jeanette

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