Day 19 Heavenly Days

It’s the little things. . .


Flowers are beautiful from a distance, but when you get up close they can be exquisite.  This is a moonflower which opens up at dusk.


One of the first leaves to fall in late August.  I was out for a walk and spotted it on the path.  I think it’s from a cottonwood tree, but I never noticed before what a perfect heart shape those leaves are.


I found a dime on the ground today.  Often when I see money on the ground, I will leave it there, especially if I know there will be kids walking by.  I know how much fun it will be there for them to find it.  Sometimes I pick it up though, bring it home, and put it in a jar as a symbol of all the good things I enjoy and the abundance coming into my life.  Symbols are good visual reminders of things that are important to us, and we can assign to them the meaning we choose.


I love the fact that I didn’t plant these flowers – they grew from seed dropped on the ground from flowers I planted in a large wooden planter.  It reminds me of the fact that there is a ripple effect from our actions – we sow a seed (act of kindness, etc.), and that seed in turn will produce its own seeds which will produce their own seeds and there is potential for it to go on and on.


These are wildflowers, asters I think, that come up in an area of my yard in late summer.  I love them, and it reminds me that often good things  just appear in our lives out of nowhere – I call it grace, and, in the dark times, I need to remember that it’s everywhere. . .


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