Day 21 Heavenly Days

kickass bunny a face off                                                    photo credit:

As I was driving yesterday, I thought I saw a rabbit chasing a crow down the street.  I did a double-take because it seemed so unusual, and, sure enough, that rabbit was chasing a crow, and a lot more crows were flying just overhead.  I don’t know if it was a game or serious business, but it just made me laugh.

A laugh was exactly what I needed – it’s been a tough couple of weeks in our community and surrounding area, and, while I have not been deeply personally affected by the things that have happened (sickness, death, shootings, etc.), I know a lot of the people involved, and life has felt heavy and sad.

One thing that struck me again after watching the rabbit and crow is that nature is very healing and soothing.  When we watch the antics of squirrels,  waves lapping the shore, or yellow and golden leaves drift down from the trees, it’s like a balm for our weary bodies and souls.

Today as I type this with the windows open to let in a cool breeze, I can see and hear little birds outside the window.  They and all the other little creatures bring an added dimension to life, and I think we can train ourselves to notice them more.  I think when we are going through sorrow or grief or when we need answers to our questions, there is something within us that draws us out into nature.  I also think that we have dulled this natural instinct in many cases, and we need to reawaken it.

Nature is a gift.  I write about it again and again because it seems imperative that we realize it and treat it that way.  So much of our stress could melt away if we took the time to get out in nature, breathe deeply, and take in the sights, sounds, and smells that are meant to bring healing and joy.


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