Day 30 Heavenly Days


This is a book that I ordered and got in the mail yesterday alongside a feather I found by the river yesterday.  I happened to set them both on the table, and it caught me by surprise how similar the feathers were.  Coincidence, synchronicity, God speaking to me?  I really don’t know, but at the very least this picture shows a little bit of what is important to me right now – being out in nature,  and the way we respond to crime and conflict.  The things we surround ourselves with speak so much about our priorities and passions.

Synchronicity means “the apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are casually unrelated”.  When things like this happen, I try to pay attention and make a mental note of it.  Maybe down the road the feather and the book will end up being connected.  I know that there is a story concerning a feather in the beginning of the book that I have used for an opening in my restorative justice circle.  (I’ve borrowed the book several times from someone and finally got my own copy.)  Maybe there’s absolutely no significance to seeing the two together yesterday.  I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point.  What matters is paying attention.

That’s what I have tried to write about for the past 30 days.  Open your eyes to the world around you.  Don’t wait for the big vacation, the cruise, the trip to Europe, or the lottery win to begin paying genuine attention.   Don’t wait for the “right” person or the dream job to begin being present to your life.  Chances are that if you aren’t being fully alive to the life you’re living now, you won’t be when you take that amazing trip either.  Each day, each moment, each person in your life is a gift – maybe a gift to bless you or teach you – appreciate, give thanks, learn the lesson.  Wake up to the beauty that is all around you.  Spend less time listening to and talking about the bad news and more time paying attention to the good.  Bring more light to the world around you and be aware of the grace running through all the days of your life.


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