The Summer Porch

Fall is officially here.  I love this season and am glad to be moving into cooler weather, but I am sad to say good-bye to the summer porch.  We don’t spend much time out there when the weather is really hot, but I walk through there often because I love the colorful room.  It’s one room that I just have fun with and I try to bring a lot of nature and color into it.  My plants seem to love it too – it has a lot of sun for the plants that need it, but less sunny corners for the plants that don’t like bright sun.  Soon I’ll have to bring all of them into the house and try to find a place for them.  They never look quite as nice as they do when out on the porch.


porch 003

I bought this plant with the big leaves at an antique store in Iowa in May.  It was a tiny little thing then, and, as you can see, it’s grown a lot!  I am not sure what it is – the woman at the store had taken cuttings of several of her plants, and this was one of them.  I think she said it was a type of begonia. The little pots of begonias in the background are thriving!


This week I’ll be searching the countryside for dried weeds, leaves, berries, etc. to bring into the porch, and with some pumpkins, gourds, and maybe some mums, the porch will be beautiful.  After that, the sparkly winter things mixed in with pine cones and evergreens will be lovely too.  In my mind though, nothing quite compares to the summer porch.  Good-bye until next year!





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