Now Is All We Have

ramsey park 008

Sunday November 3, 2013. . . in my part of the world anyway

Be here now.

Even if your heart is breaking. . . be here now.  Don’t just wish the pain away.  Feel it, let it move through you, and as you do, healing will come, and there will be something new in its place.

If you’re anxiously waiting for a football game to begin.  Look and really see the people around you.  Taste and enjoy the food you’re eating.  Breathe in the aroma of your morning coffee.  The game will be here soon enough. . . be here now.

If your past week was really tough, and you’re close to burn-out.  Especially then.  Sit in the silence.  Take a walk in nature.  Smile.  Be here now.

If the worries of the coming week are weighing heavily on you.. . be here now.  Don’t project yourself into the future.  Not now anyway.  As you keep yourself in the present moment, many of the issues of the week to come will take care of themselves or you’ll receive insight to deal with them.

If you’re ecstatically happy and life just seems too good to be true. . . be here now.  Enjoy and take delight in each precious moment.

In all of these, be grateful. . . you’re alive, you can feel, you can love, you can see, you can taste. . . you’re blessed.


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