I Believe In Miracles

Did you ever stop to think that we might be turning away miracles in our lives?  We often moan and complain (at least inwardly) because we don’t have something we want or because we would like things to be different, and sometimes we even think  “God, it isn’t fair.  I’m a good person.  Why don’t I have love or abundance or the job I’d like or a nicer house, etc. etc.?”  It was very easy for me to understand and write the previous sentences because I’ve been there.

So why would anyone turn down or block a miracle?  Miracles are what we want, need, and are praying for.  We’d be crazy to turn one away. Of course, we don’t do it knowingly, but we do it nonetheless, and here are some ways that I’ve discovered we may be blocking or overlooking miracles.

We have our focus on things happening in a certain way.  We refuse to budge or consider that our particular plans might not be the best plans.  We are preoccupied with our own agenda and fail to notice people and things that don’t fit into that agenda, even when they come bearing miracles. One thing I know for sure is that miracles will never come through dishonesty, deception, selfishness, or greed.

We have a deep-seated belief that we don’t deserve love or well-being or a happy life or just that things will never improve.  Even when we don’t understand it, we are often attracting things into our lives according to our core beliefs about ourselves and the world.  The good news is that we can renew our minds and change the way we think.  Picture your beliefs as being like a giant magnet that draws to you  what you, consciously or unconsciously, expect.

We’ve closed our hearts.  We’ve been hurt or disillusioned and have become scared, angry, or cynical.  When we refuse to send out love or are nursing a grudge, how can we expect love to flow back to us?  We’ve closed the door. Love will keep knocking, but it sure helps if we stay open. (That doesn’t mean we don’t use wisdom to avoid dangerous or unhealthy situations.)

We are full of pride and think some people or things that come into our lives are beneath us.  In my opinion, no one is beneath me.  I can get wisdom from a child, from someone we have classified as developmentally disabled, someone with dementia, or the alcoholic who lives on my street.  Messages, guidance, and blessings aren’t limited and don’t only come from a delivery system that society says is important.  Often people who live outside the center of society are more observant, aware, and in touch with what is really important. They often have something to teach us about opening our hearts, getting our priorities right, and seeing the blessings we already have.

We are ungrateful and think that life has been unfair to us.  Some people have it rough through no fault of their own.  I’ve learned that blaming doesn’t help though, not one bit.  There comes a time when we need to take responsibility for our own lives.  We need to start doing the things I’ve written about here – open our hearts, believe we deserve a good life but we need to do our part, and keep our focus on the good we already have.  Some people refuse to do that – they either think that these things are too small to make a difference or that their help needs to come from somewhere outside themselves.  The truth is, everything begins on the inside and everything begins with the small things.  For starters, give thanks, give thanks, give thanks.  Take your eyes off of what you are lacking and put them on the abundance, love, and well-being that is on the inside of you. It’s available to all of us.

We have our eyes closed – not literally, but closed to what is right in front of us that is sustaining and blessing us each and every day.  Look at your life as if you are seeing it for the first time.  That window you’re looking through – it looks out on a beautiful world of grass and trees and sky – what if you lived in a house with no windows?  Did you have something to eat and drink this morning?  What if you had nothing?  What if you had to listen to your children cry because they were hungry?  Are you warm even though the temperatures outside are not?  Give thanks for that.  That fancy phone you checked when you got up this morning – give thanks for communication and people to communicate with.  Your breath, your eyes, your ears, your taste buds, your hands – you’re given all these things to help you live and experience life and beauty.  You’ve been given a mind to help you figure out that your life here on earth isn’t meant to be just drudgery, shopping trips, pain, or boredom, but a rich, satisfying time to enjoy, really enjoy, and a chance to bring your unique gifts to the world to right wrongs, bring true justice, add beauty, serve others, and teach what you know.  Keep your eyes open.  That next chance encounter with someone might lead to the miracle you’re seeking.  Pay attention, take time to be quiet and still sometimes, learn to listen to your inner guidance system. Sometimes, often I think, a miracle is simply a change in perception.

We all have struggles from time to time.  We need each other.  Try to be aware of the people around you because you just might be the miracle someone else is looking for.  And always continue to believe in miracles, no matter what form they take.


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