A New and Living Way



Do you ever have a stirring deep inside you that whispers the message, “The world doesn’t have to be this way”?  Do you ever get really uncomfortable over certain things in our society that are harmful but accepted as normal or “just the way it is”?  Do you ever take the time to contemplate a different way of living, of being?

If you could answer yes to any of these, you are certainly not alone.  Your heart is telling you that a different world is possible.

A more equal world

A more healthy world

A world with more reverence for people, animals, nature, the food we eat, and the goods we produce

A more sane world

A world where varieties of skin color and many other differences are considered amazing and beautiful

A world where being honest, vulnerable, compassionate, and creative is considered so much more important than the house you live in or the car you drive

A world where the question “Is this life enhancing?” is more important than “How much revenue will this generate?”

A world where justice asks the questions “Who was harmed?”, “How do we make things right?”, and “How do we heal and move forward?”

A world where food is actually raised to produce and maintain health for us and the land

A world where children never have to go hungry or without a place to live or someone to love and nurture them

A world where children are encouraged to respect all and taught to think for themselves and use the wealth within them in service to the world because that is where real joy is found

A world that is focused as much on producing health as treating disease

A world where each person realizes their own intrinsic value and the value of all others

We’ve always had the knowledge to live this way somewhere deep inside of us.  Many people over the centuries have brought out bits and pieces of this message.  The world wasn’t ready to receive it, but I believe more and more people are now ready, and it is spreading.

This new way is a “living way”.

It is life-enhancing                                                                                                                  It is life-affirming                                                                                                                    It is life-giving                                                                                                                          It is life-sustaining

And there are people who are walking in it as they are led by the voice inside their hearts.  I don’t know if all of them would agree with my wording, but I believe that they are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven that is within them to the outside world, and I believe it is something we all can do.

When we take that deep stirring, longing, and desire that we have inside and use it to make the world better for everyone in our own unique way, we’re helping to usher in a new and living way.  It takes courage, faith,  and a willingness to examine what we are thinking and doing.  It takes waking up to the realization that the things we say and do, even the little things, matter.

I’ll be writing more about this, and I hope to include others in the conversation, people who care and are making a difference, people who inspire me with their amazing gifts and their desire to use them for the good of those around them.  It’s so easy to say “that’s a nice dream but not really possible”.  I’d much rather spend my time doing what is possible and being around people who are doing the same.  I hope you’ll join me.






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